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Homeopathic Consultant


NO SCAR KIT Remarkably Dissolves Extra Fibrous Tissue of Post Operative Scars and Prevents Keloid Formation.
Post Operative Scar after taking no scar kit
More Images of post operative scars 

Uses And Benefits of  NO SCAR KIT
=>  NO SCAR KIT Contains only Oral medicines, Nothing to apply directly on scar / stitch. 
=>  NO SCAR KIT dissolves extra scar tissues, lupus, strictures and adhesions.

=>  NO SCAR KIT promotes healthy granulation and fastens the healing of stitches.

=>  NO SCAR KIT is pure homeopathic medicine, doesn’t contains steroids. 

=>  No contra indication. 

=>  No side effect. No drug allergic reaction found. 

=>  Can be given in any age group.

=>  Can be use after any operation.

=>  It should be taken from the next day of any surgery (operation).

=>  One time, 30 days course.

Refrence:-  CIMS (Care Institute of Medical Sciences) Hospital is currently using NO SCAR KIT since last 2 years.